utility canvas used to have a store in soho (now in the hudson valley near new paltz), and my mom liked going when she visited ny. i have a new appreciation for the company that i didn’t quite “get” before… i’ve always liked their simple bed linens, and i like that they have a strong signature look. and canvas has always been one of my favorite fabrics.

i won’t be having my usual studio sale with caitlin mociun this december, since i’m expecting the baby’s arrival in a couple weeks (give or take!). i’m sad to not be hosting this time, but i’m glad the sale is still happening– hosted by baggu, in their new williamsburg studio.

caitlin and i will have a new (3rd annual) calendar poster there.

i’m looking forward to going as a shopper!

the lines & shapes holiday shop is open!

we have special book bundles available, as well as reduced prices… but you’ll need to SHOP EARLY since stock is limited and we’re closing up on december 8th (til january 5th).

books always make the best presents!

a great thanksgiving at my brother’s this year…

we made:

cornbread stuffing
cranberry sauce
salad with yams, beets, apples, and parmesan
pecan pie
sour cream apple pie
pumpkin pie

i have two pieces of italian de simone pottery from my mom that i love. i thought i’d see if there are any for sale on ebay… fun browsing!