i was excited when a package arrived from abrams books (the publisher of printing by hand) with a copy of vera, the art and life of an icon. i’ve been wanting to see this book for a while! vera neumann has been an idol of mine for a long time. she was such a prolific and successful textile designer. what i enjoyed most about the book was reading about her life and her business. she had a close friendship with alexander calder (and her prints inspired by his work are some of my favorites). i’ve always wanted to know more about her, and had a hard time finding information in the past. the book would be a great holiday present for a textile lover!

from our farmer friends… homegrown and homemade quince jam and homegrown, dried, and packaged tea. the best presents!!

here is our 2011 mociun + corwin calendar!

we’ve had some mishaps with the printing this year, so we’re offering them for pre-orders now, and they will ship on december 17th. caitlin and i were inspired by a thai tapestry, and as with our past calendars, we cut out the birds from paper and pieced together a collage. the print is 18 x 24″, 4 color, hand screen print. limited edition of 50 pieces.

(our 2009 and 2010 calendars in the bottom photos)

yesterday we lit the candles for the last night of hannukah. i love watching them glow and melt down.
and we brought in the potted pine tree from our backyard, that we dug up on josh’s parents’ property in new hampshire three years ago. it’s still very petite, but it’s gotten a lot bigger!

maria printed on silk for her show come darkness at chelliswilson, and the results are stunning! so beautiful and inspiring.

the silk scarves are for sale here. from maria:

Feel the light all around you this Winter and beyond. Wear the light! I have produced these scarves in a very small run just for chelliswilson. The original photographs were taken on film in Cushing, Maine in October just as the darkness would set in every afternoon. Photos were then printed directly on silk and sewn here in Maine. There are only ten of each scarf; they are especially made to order and numbered.

dinner + crafts with friends last night… i made a clementine & clove pomander, jennifer made the most delicious vegetable tagine.