this book is one that you can spend a lot of time looking through, over and over. it features 100 artists, including many of my favorites! it was hard to choose which pages to photograph. from the description: each artist adorns a page with artwork having seen only the page of the artist immediately prior and using a single horizon line to connect the two. some continue the “story” quite literally while others build on the previous page in more fanciful ways.

congrats julia, on a great book!

the book fair was great. thanks to everyone who came by and said hello! i barely took photos– but here are a couple of the view from behind our table.
and more from maria here.

these images are so inspiring, i couldn’t narrow down which ones to post.

fabrics interseason, via hunter gatherer

the coordinates of fashion and design in general, contemporary fine arts, cultural history, performance and (electronic) music describe the areas and interfaces, within which fabrics interseason locate and position their works and projects. in accordance with their artistic method, the projects, performances and the collections and presentation are based upon concepts which are developed from an intensive research of socio-political discourses and phenomena.