i took photos of the new manimal collection last week. the shoot was in a lovely apartment in clinton hill, brooklyn.

i’ll post more photos of the manimal products soon… but i thought i’d give a peek of the ‘behind the scenes’.
i got a pair of moccasins myself, and they’re incredibly comfy!

*update: the class is full.

a new class with jenny gordy!

for this class, jenny will be teaching her “tova” pattern (which can be made in a top or dress style). the first class will be a field trip to the garment district where jenny will share her expertise on choosing fabrics. i can’t wait.

click here for more info.

saturday brunch with a friend and family. this place is so good!

i’ve been checking out the shows online. fall is never as exciting for textile prints as spring for me, but a few have caught my eye. i’ll post those soon.

we’ve had a few snow storms this winter, but this is the first blizzard. i love it!

using the camera flash makes nice snow polka dots.