listed below are a few ways to support disaster relief efforts in haiti and designers/artists:

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gallery hanahou
20% of sales from the upcoming 20/10 vision show will be donated.
(i have a print in this show, along with some of my favorite designers)
611 Broadway #730 New York, NY
jan 21st – feb 19th

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health ceramics
january 15-17: heath will donate 25% of sales from their sausalito, LA & online stores to architecture for humanity’s earthquake reconstruction efforts in haiti.

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claudia pearson
25% of sales from her two new valentine prints will be donated to yele haiti.

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*leave a comment if you would like to add to this list.

this set of vintage cloth napkins might be my favorite christmas gift. they’re almost too good to use… but i think i will use them (only on special occasions!).

i’m having some winter blues lately. i like the winter season, but i miss being outside without bundling up in layer after layer of clothing. yesterday it was so sunny in my studio, it was easy to imagine that it was warm outside.

a friend sent these beautiful photos of her new year’s vacation in scotland.

photos by austin fisher/shell jubin.

i taped up some my best vintage tea towels in my studio today. most are by textile designer vera neumann.