thanks again to wonder wonder (first photo) and odette ny (second photo) for joining the design co-op for the last fort greene flea of the season. i left saturday’s flea with a crocheted necklace from hikaru, and a stomach full of tacos. in the last photo i’m standing on a braided mat that i bought at the flea a few weeks ago.

here are some photos i took at last week’s flea design co-op at the brooklyn flea. i was so glad that jen causey/simply photo could join as a special guest seller.

this saturday is the last day of the fort greene flea until the spring, so it’s also the last day for the flea design co-op. we might continue again in the spring, but we might not… so if you’ve been meaning to come by but haven’t had a chance, some saturday! and for the final saturday we will have two special guest sellers, odette ny and wonder wonder.

i LOVED our tie dye class, taught by shabd simon alexander.

there is something so satisfying about dyeing. it couldn’t be more different from the process of screen printing, but gives you the same thrill of creating patterned fabric.

the bottom two photos are my tie dyed pieces. i started out very conservative… making only muted colors, and then decided to go crazy with color.

thanks jen for making “tie dyed” cupcakes!

the embroidery class on saturday was great! as usual, i wish i had taken a few more pictures…