i was more than happy to do a trade recently with one of my favorite designers, virginia johnson. i had a hard time choosing which shawl i wanted (i’ve had my eye on the camels forever), but i made the right choice with the shark pattern… i love it. when the shawl/scarf is worn the sharks aren’t really visible, so it’s not too much. it really makes me smile.

… one more class for november!

Open Level

One 5-hour workshop
11am – 4pm
Saturday November 14th
$90 + supplies
vegetarian lunch included!

Cal Patch will be in town briefly and we’ve decided to switch up our usual sewing class schedule and instead offer an embroidery and applique workshop. Cal will teach all of her favorite embroidery stitches and applique techniques, which can be used to update, embellish and customize clothing, home items, and gifts. The class will begin by stitching a sampler of 12 classic embroidery stitches, then we will explore some applique techniques, and finally begin a project using your own fabric, or a finished item (tea towel, tote bag, clothing).

to sign up, email: info (at) lenacorwin.com

(the image above is from a vintage book called the stitches of creative embroidery, by jacqueline enthoven / reinhold)


Two 2-hour classes

6pm – 8pm

Mondays Nov 9th & 16th

Fort Greene, Brooklyn


Shabd creates extraordinary tie dyed textiles, and in this workshop she will be sharing her secrets and techniques! She will demonstrate how she mixes dyes and chemicals, and several methods for tie dyeing to create different patterns. You will need to bring clothing for dyeing (cotton works best, but also silk and rayon), including tee shirts, scarves, socks, etc. Shabd is a multimedia artist also works with embroidery, photography, sculpture, performance, and other methods of storytellying. Her products can be seen on her website, here: shabdismyname.com.

to sign up, email: info (at) lenacorwin.com

i’ve been thinking about this class ever since clothing designer jenny gordy wrote that she was moving to nyc. i ordered a shirt from jenny’s clothing line wiksten a couple years ago, and its one of my favorites. she’s an impeccable designer and sewer, and seeing her work has been a big inspiration for me to want to learn to sew clothes.

* * *

intermediate level

this class will focus on two versatile patterns; a skirt and a top/dress, from designer jenny gordy of wiksten. jenny first learned to sew from her grandmother, and then at FIT. she works primarilty in natural linen and cotton, and has an eye for delicate gingham, stripes, plaids, and droll floral prints that she then crafts into clean and classic silhouettes. each student will receive patterns in their size (to keep), and classes will focus on completing 2-3 garments. the photos above show the styles that we will be working with (created by jenny just for this class). basic sewing knowledge required. machines will be available for students to use, or you can bring your own machine.

four 1-1/2 hour classes
thursday evenings 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 12/3
6:00- 7:30pm
$250 + supplies (approx. $40)

email: info (at) lenacorwin.com to sign up. space is limited!

we went to boston for a wedding over the weekend, and stayed at our friend’s beautiful house.

more of the paper chandeliers… they look so nice from the below.

anyone who wrote asking about buying them– i haven’t decided yet if i’ll make them beyond the flea, but i’ll send an email if i do. thanks!

…and gus in the corner while i’m working hard.

* * *


i’m really excited about upcoming november classes in my studio… here’s are the dates so you can mark your calendar if you’re interested, and i’ll have full details soon. i wanted to get these up here, since i’m late for announcing them already.

+ embroidery and applique workshop with cal!
saturday nov 14th, 11am – 4pm

+ sewing with jenny gordy of wikstenmade!
(a top, dress, and skirt), thursdays 11/5, 11/12, 11/19 & 12/3

+ tie dye with shabd!
two evening workshop, dates tba.

* * *

* * *

: : news!

the books we debuted at the ny art book fair are now on the lines & shapes website.
i love these three books!

there’s volume 9 of our artists series. this is our japanese volume, featuring work by himaa, takashi iwasaki, tomo kohsaka, mistubako, izumi shiokawa, justin waldron and yuko yamamoto. each artist’s work is very different from the rest, but there is a subtle common thread of japanese aesthetic, something that maria and i have always been drawn to.

and there’s mociun fall 2009, journal of a collection. this book is filled with images of designer caitlin mociun‘s inspiration, prints, and process for creating her fall clothing and jewelry line. we are printing a special limited run of just 75 books, so don’t wait too long to purchase!

and lastly, there’s a small book of polaroids by steven harrington. maria and i are both big admirers of steven’s work… and we were so excited when steven first sent us his scanned polaroids. many of the polaroids are of steven’s paper sculptures. i love this little book.

we decided to extend our special book fair prices to the website for just two weeks. all books (except journal of a collection) are $20 until nov 1st. check them out here.