have you seen maria’s 3191 post from friday?

she wrote about my recent trip to portland to work on our various projects. i love staying with maria in maine… it’s true what she says about our “business” trips being equally about food as they are about work. i get to be immersed in her world, where every small thing is beautiful (not in a forced way but naturally and understated). here are some snapshots from the farmer’s market, tea shop, and eating at home. i always dread flying, but the trip back to new york is so quick, i don’t even mind it.

i’m in portland, maine right now, working with maria on various book projects. we’re excited to launching the latest book in our journal series today: journal of plants. this book is one of my favorites that we’ve made.

the idea started from the two of us being new gardeners and being fascinated by what was sprouting up from the dirt this past spring. i felt the need to catalog what was growing and we started taking snapshots of clippings from our little gardens… that grew into a bigger idea of cataloging the plants we see while traveling (my trip to paris and maria’s to san francisco), and how we keep plants in our homes.

you can peek at more here.

new classes!

i have summer vacation on my mind right now… but september is coming up soon and there’s lots to look forward to. i’m excited about new classes for september, october, november and december. for now, here are the sept classes:


+SCREEN PRINTING I — thursday evenings

see more info below!

to sign up, email: lena (at) lenacorwin.com

* * *

intermediate level

one 5-hour workshop
11am – 4pm
saturday, sept 19th
$125 + supplies

cal patch will be in town briefly and she’ll be teaching one of our favorite dress patterns, simplicity 3835 built by wendy pattern. lunch included! see photos of our last workshop here. you will need to bring your own sewing machine to class. if you can’t, you can email me and I will try to arrange to borrow one for you. students must arrive at class with pieces already cut out and marked, as this can take up to 2 hours and it will be otherwise impossible to finish the project in the allotted time.

* * *

* * *


this class covers my favorite methods for screen printing, starting with the basics (no experience required). learn to print on fabric and/or paper, using your own designs. if you have a particular printing project in mind (printed pillowcases, tote bags, etc), we can plan out the design, materials, and printing. the bottom two photos are projects by students from previous classes.

four 1-1/2 hour classes
thursday evenings 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1

6:00- 7:30pm

$250 + supplies (approx. $50)

* photos above are from the last screen printing class, including artwork by designer liz libre of linda & harriet. i loved her patterns!

we’re in new hampshire visiting josh’s family. it’s been sunny and hot, but a couple of the early mornings have been dense with fog. gus and i took a couple 6am walks to see the sun rise…

i’m getting a post ready announcing upcoming classes in my studio.