i’m thinking about what i want to make in next week’s carved wax jewelry class, with jennifer sarkilahti…

the heart charm in the top photo was my great grandmother’s. she had a bracelet made with gold hearts for each of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. the hearts were etched with our names, birthdays, and had our birth stones in the center (mine fell out), and we each got our own heart when she died. my two charm bracelets in the bottom photo came from my mom and my grandmother. the top one was my grandma’s– made with charms from my grandfather’s fraternity. the bottom one is my mom’s– made with charms she collected when she was a kid. so, i’m thinking about either making a charm to add to one of my bracelets, or a simple pendant carved with initials. or maybe small shapes that can be strung on a cord. it’s hard to decide!

more inspiration:
here (i love, love this jewelry!)

there are still a couple spots left in class, if you’d like to sign up!