our apartment was used for a photo shoot last week, and the stylist brought lots of fresh flowers. it feels extravagant to have vases full of flowers this time of year… and passing them in the house makes me think of spring and summer. the poppies are dying, but they’re still so pretty.

i’ve been wanting to check out the jan & aya shop in greenpoint for a while. i have even more reason to go now– i’d love to see this textile show by julie floersch in person.

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i designed a travel journal for galison, in the style of my travel plates (which are no longer for sale) and my travel illustrations for elle decor magazine. the journal has space to plan out an itinerary, packing list, etc.– and has adventurous information writen by julia hecomovitch. i enjoyed doing this, and would love to do a larger series of travel themed paper goods. so if you have a cute shop and would like to buy the journals for it, please do! or if you’d like to buy just one that’s great too…

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i’m always really mesmerized by jessica williams’s work. i loved seeing a peek at her “imperfect archives”, a chroncile of all her work from four years of art school. i can’t link directly, but you can find the link under “2008” on the left of the page.
also, you can see jessica’s work in lines & shapes.

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