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lots of good food on this trip…
top photos: visiting a friend who is a baker at the liberty cafe.
bottom photos: stopping at a taco stand on our drive back to the city from twain harte.

my view from the car, driving through the san joaquin valley to the sierra nevada foothills.
i love the dry california grass.

(click photo to enlarge)

flowers grow everywhere in san francisco… even between the cement cracks.
i’m in california for a week, and it’s so nice to be here.

a dinner of kale, zucchini, feta, and whole wheat orzo tonight. yum… and pretty colors too.

this is the lena dress, fom the new wiksten fall collection. isn’t that wonderful?! jenny wrote that the printed fabric reminded her of my book. i can’t think of many things better than having a dress named after me!

jenny gordy is posting new photos of her wiksten fall collection all week… can’t wait to see more.