a year ago this week, i was frantically preparing for the photo shoot for my book, printing by hand. and now it’s finally available for pre-ordering on amazon.

the photo shoot was here, at my house. it was a lot of fun, but so incredibly exhausting. in addition to creating every project in the book for a finished piece photograph, i had to do each project, start to finish, while being photographed for the “how-to” photos. phew. so much work!

one thing i’m excited about sharing during the time leading up to the book coming out, and then after– is outtakes from the photo shoot. since the “how-to” photos were taken digitally, thayer was able to snap lots of extras. i love those extra photos (many are of quiet moments right before we started), and all of the images that didn’t make it into the book. here are just a couple… more to come!

wow, these photos remind me so much of helping my mom and aunt clean out my grandmother’s apartments. a couple years ago we helped her move from new york and florida, out to california to an assisted living home. i wish i could go back and photographed it. these photos by brooklyn-based photographer ilisa katz rissman are really beautiful. via grace— thanks!

gallery hanahou presents pictorial aural: visual interpretations of music by marcus oakley

may 22 - june 25  2008

gallery hanahou
611 broadway, suite 730 nyc

opening reception with the artist: may 22, 6-9 pm

my friend cal is the designer of hodge podge; an ever-evolving collection of very labor-intensive and special, anti-mass produced clothing and accessories. she’s also well-known among new york crafters as a crochet and sewing teacher. we met about 8 years ago, when i took a beginner’s crochet class from her.

cal has a new label called hodge podge cottage, which will consist of her best selling items, and will be produced in a handful of multiples (versus all one-of-a-kind). items from both her cottage line and her one-off line can be purchased in her etsy shop. i have two of her wraps and i love them!