i still haven’t had a chance to see the new book brooklyn modern in person yet, but maria send me some photos of the section on my home. i’ve heard that the whole book is fantastic, so i need to run out and get my own copy very soon (i tried at barnes & noble but the shipment hadn’t arrived yet).

when i see these photos, i can’t help but think about everything i wish i could change/renovate/redecorate/etc… but i also love that some of the homes featured are imperfect. sometimes i get tired of seeing flawless interiors in books and magazines. it was a pleasure to meet the author diana lind and the photographer yoko inoue last summer when these photos were taken.

new : ROOTS

working with maria on these seasonal print sets has been SO much fun. the process reminds me of those collaborative drawings that i did as a kid. where you fold the paper and draw on one portion of the page, then pass it to a friend who draws on another portion, and so on. then the paper gets unfolded and it’s always a thrill to see what the whole page looks like.

the last photo above is what i gave to maria, after she and i agreed to make ROOTS our theme for the spring set. my initial drawings were just of roots, but they felt too wintry and dead, and i needed to add the tree that grows out of the roots. maria then layered my image with her beautiful overlapping circles inspired by seeds, chose the colors for the prints, and printed them by letter press. when maria sent me a photograph of what she had done it was like opening a wonderful birthday present.

the prints are now available to purchase in the port2port press shop. thanks again to those who bought them yesterday at the brooklyn flea!

– – – – – – – – – – –

some goods for the flea on sunday…

new tote bags!
hand printed on linen and denim.

new pillow design
hand printed on linen and cotton canvas.

volume one of lines & shapes

frost prints made in collaboration with port2port press (very few left– last chance!)… and possibly a new set too.

melamine plates

and– i’ve cleaned out my glass and mug collection, and will be selling some to make room in my cabinets. i love all of them, but just have too many!

– – – – – – – – – – –

** new designs will also be added to my shop in the coming weeks.

some snapshots from a short cab ride home today. the air was so heavy and balmy!