B R O O K L Y N ~ F L E A !

i’m getting excited for sunday april 6th, the first day of the new brooklyn flea. i’ll have a booth, and will be debuting some new items. i planning to sell at the flea only a few days each season, and haven’t committed to any days other than the 6th yet, so come out for the opening day!

i’ll have pillows, melamine plates, neck ties, tote bags, and copies of lines & shapes, volume 1 for sale. i’m sharing a booth with sian keegan, who will be selling her wonderful crocheted and hand printed goods. also at the flea– vintage clothes, furniture, salvage architecture goodies, records, locals artists, local food, and live music. full list of vendors here.

the details:

brooklyn flea
bishop laughlin school yard
lafayette ave, between clermont and vanderbilt
rain or shine

by subway: take the C or G train to clinton-washington

oh gus… i don’t usually post about dog issues. but this one has me feeling sad, and maybe i’ll get some helpful advice. gus has fear-aggression towards other dogs, and i have an appointment with a trainer who specializes in aggression this week. we had a phone consultation today, and she told me that gus can no longer sleep in our bed. i never thought i would let a dog sleep in my bed, before getting gus. but he’s small and incredibly cuddly, and we curl up together every night. it will to be so hard to make the change! and even harder for him than me. he’s going to bark and cry all night. i’m willing to do whatever the trainer says is best, but i have a lump in my throat just thinking about it. for those of you who aren’t dog people, i completely understand. before gus, i wasn’t so crazy about dogs myself. funny how things change… advice anyone?

recent purchase: navy rubber fisherman sandals from creatures of comfort. i wonder how bulky they will look on my feet. and i wonder how long i’ll have to wait for it to be warm enough to wear them…

UPDATE: i placed an order online, but then got a call from the store– they are sold out of my size in navy. i had the option of getting black, but with my pale skin, black is not so flattering. bummer!

click here to see my new post on the martha stewart bluelines blog. i‘ll be contributing regularly to the freshly re-vamped site. and click here to see all of the contributers.

my posts on bluelines will be similar in content to what i post about here… a little of everything. but i would love to hear suggestions of what to post about there. it would be nice to have a slightly different focus to my posts on bluelines, i just haven’t figured out what that might be yet.

i went to the whitney biennial last week, and there were two artists whose exhibits i was drawn to most– matthew brannon and leslie hewitt. i couldn’t find good images online of brannon’s beautiful letter press prints, but i did find a few other peices online, and it reminded me that i’ve seen and admired his work before. i loved the “everyday” subject matter of hewitt’s photography and how it was so humbly displayed in wooden frames, which were leaning against the walls on the floor.

top two images: leslie hewitt
bottom two: matthew brannon