i’ve uploaded another home tour to flickr, from our christmas day dinner at karen & micheal’s house (life-long friends of my family). their house is so extraordinary, it’s hard to capture in photos! these are just a snippet of how amazing it is…

my first post here, 2 years ago, was of christmas presents wrapped by karen (and again last year)…

i caught a cold, and have been in bed most of the day. the weather has been so nice here, i wish i could be out enjoying it!

while hanging around the house, i decided to photograph a home tour. this is the house that i grew up in, in the upper haight/twin peaks area of san francisco. photos here.

i’m in san francisco for the holidays…
first day here, we stopped at flora grubb— a beautiful plant nursery/shop/cafe.
i should have taken more photos of the shop, they have great books and home accessories. i loved it there.

(that’s my cute mom in the top photo, and a cactus wrapped in tissue paper in the bottom photo)

*UPDATE* the artist is Hisamatu Etsuko

christmas cards by dos gatos (from greeting life inc., in japan)

my mom sent me one of these cards a couple weeks ago, thinking i would like the designs, and i loved it… the style of the drawings is so sweet… and reminded me of making folded up cards, similar to these, when i was a kid. i was excited last week to find more by the same artist at marchand de legumes. i wanted to buy one of each (holiday and non-holiday cards), but i held back.

the shop owner told me that he would try to find out the name of the artist. but if anyone knows, please leave a comment!

two GREAT holiday sales are happening this weekend. i highly recommend checking them out for handmade holiday gifts…

THE GIFT on Grand (on Kent!)
Saturday, December 15th
210 Kent Ave. (at Metropolitan)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sunday, December 16th
Divine Studio
21 East 4th Street

wow… the jan 08 issue of living has a really stunning story on striped wool blankets

natural textiles + patterns… my favorite subject
. and i’ve had pendleton blankets on my mind lately too…

(click on photos to see larger)