{ UPDATE } the prints are now available to purchase here. and more beautiful photos of them by maria here

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the port2port press shop will be updated tomorrow , with our winter prints set!
(saturday, 11am EST)

this is the first in a seasonal series, on which maria and i are collaborating… and i enjoyed it SO much. i’m realizing, more and more, how much i love doing collaborations with other artists. our prints are titled “frost” and were inspired by a photo that maria took of crystally frost on a window pane. the result was something different than my usual style, and i loved that maria’s idea pushed me to try something new, and work at a different scale. i’m so happy with the way they came out, and i really hope people will enjoy them.

~the details:

Winter Prints Set
with original drawings by lena & maria

set of two prints, handmade, numbered, 3 inks on each including metallics
small edition of 150 {125 for sale}
$18 per set + shipping

email maria to get on the mailing list and be notified when they are online

(photos above from a great thanksgiving and long weekend)

i’ve always passed on doing this when i’ve been tagged before, for some reason, but decided to do it this time…

i was tagged by jeana sohn
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*5 facts about me*
1. my great, great grandparents were named lena and wolf seitchik. i thought about calling by business “lena and wolf”. I like the sound of it…
2. I’ve never eaten an oyster, i’m kind of ashamed to say… but i have a hard time eating foods that seem unappealing to me. {go rena!!}
3. i moved to new york when i was 20 years old. sometimes i can’t believe that was 10 years ago, but then again i can.
4. i walk gus around fort greene park every morning for an hour, and it’s usually my favorite part of the day.
5. if i went back to school, i’d want to study history.

I tag: sian, caitlin, roxy, cal, and jen

our neighbor to the right has a maple tree, and it drops the most beautiful leaves in our yard in the fall. i hope they never chop it down (something i wouldn’t be that surprised by, sadly…)

so much to get done in the next few days… we’re having thanksgiving here for the third year in a row. this time we’re going to barbecue the turkey. yikes! everyone we’ve talked to who has done it before says it’s so easy and really delicious. i hope so! i’m trying a few other dishes a little differently this year, and it makes me a little nervous. i’m making mashed potatoes and parsnips with truffle oil, instead of regular old mashed potatoes. and a watercress and sweet potato salad, with feta and toasted walnuts, found here. we have a nice mix of family and friends coming, and i think it’s going to be a fun one.

back to work…