wow, the newly updated mina perhonen website had my heart pounding… i especially loved seeing some studio photos. nothing could be more inspiring for me…
(thanks joy!)

back from new hampshire… it was nice to be in the country and surrounded by nature. it’s still so warm (hot!) in new york city, but it’s fall up there. the leaves were so beautiful, really striking visually. got some vintage goodies, as usual… i find the best stuff up there. vintage dresses for $3! and some mugs for the collection.

we stopped on the way back and bought a couple plants. i loved these plants in stockholm (and in the wild in the swedish countryside), so i’m glad they are here too. does anyone know what they are called? something with a “c” i think. i saw the name on one of the plants at the nursery, but the one i brought home is missing the tag.