i leave for denmark and sweden today! thanks so so much for all of the recommendations. i hope we can do a good portion of them. i wish it was possible to see/do everything…

i had a list of inspiring things from this week, that i planned to post, but just got too busy wrapping work up before our trip.

back on the 9th!

ps: the copenhagen map above is my illustration for elle decor— the current issue. (you can click to enlarge)

scandinavia tips please! (NEW POSTS BELOW)

we’re planning a trip to sweden and denmark at the end of august/beginning of september, and i would love tips on where to stay, eat, shop, museums to go to, places to travel to outside of copenhagen and stockholm… and any other advice! we haven’t planned the trip at all yet. we’re going to try and really keep things on a low budget… as much as that’s possible.

sisal bag from oak
oxford flats from ebay

lately i’ve been having fashion flashbacks to the things i wore in 7th and 8th grade– oxfords, doc martins, etc. which made me think of the sisal bags my friends and i had then too— and then i see one on the oak website! mostly i love fashion recycled from the past, and i’ve often heard people say ” i wore it then, i can’t do it again”, and for the first time i can really relate to that. although i actually can see myself wearing some of the early 90’s accessories again, i’m questioning it a little bit. there’s something about those years, when you’re 13, 14, and 15 and discovering fashion and self expression for the first time… it’s a strange time! anyone else around my age relating to this?

i just remembered that i saw ashley watson’s handmade leather wallets at oak a while back, and really liked them. knowing that her accessories are made from recylcled leather makes me like them even more…

i just started reading the great new book craft inc. by meg mateo ilasco. it’s full of so much information, for people who want to start a small business, and people like me who have a small business already but sometimes struggle with the “business” side of things! the book is a really great mix of interviews and practical information, and i highly recommend it! meg actually interviewed me for the book, but my interview got cut. oh well! i was really honored that she wanted to include me. thank you so much meg!

we took a quick trip to woodstock, ny over the weekend. i was excited to check out the woodstock flea market, and do some yard sale hunting… we did both, but i left with only one purchase: a nice vintage butter dish.

we stayed in a cute cabin, lent to us by one of josh’s colleagues. it was half renovated; the owner’s have started at one end and are working their way to the other. it was interesting to see the stark contrast of the two ends of the house. i loved some of the details in the un-renovated end, and wondered what they will choose to keep. it had wood paneling and felt very dark, but i loved the rustic, cabin-y feel. the new end of the house was much brighter, with new walls, tiles, and taupe paint– very “urban” design choices, and no trace of the old cabin look… i had fun fantasizing about how i would want to renovate an old cabin myself, and combine modern amenities but retain the cabin charm!