various vera scarves have recently been reissued, and are available at one of my favorite stores; auto. vera neumann was one of the most successful and prolific textile designers of the 20th century– she created about one design per day, over four decades of designing! she’s always been an inspiration to me, and i’m glad her work is getting some new appreciation.

we went to ikea yesterday and bought two malm dressers (cheaply made, but so affordable), and then on our way home we stopped by my favorite neighborhood store, repop (the best thrift shop in nyc) and bought another dresser– a vintage one that i love. so the dressers in our bedroom are getting an overhaul. (we have to use dressers, because our bedroom has only one tiny closet).

i was inspired by the mix of products and styling by MeS textiles. my favorite was the “patchwork” of carpet samples shown in these photos. it’s a funny combination of colors, and the samples look like motel lobby carpet to me, but i love them mixed together. via bloesom.