too busy to post much lately… too busy to even look around and be inspired! all i’m doing is work, work, work… but exciting work… & it’s good to be busy.

i found the link to photographer kanako sasaki’s website via foxntheshow… and i really enjoyed looking through her work– most of which has girls in dresses as the subject matter… foxnthesnow has a great sidebar of fashion links, including lots of my favorites, and some that were new to me.

designer ben loiz’s website is updated with new projects, & i really liked seeing photos from the “experimental art and learning workshop” that he taught at an l.a. public school. the class included one of my favorite childhood projects– vegetable printing! i also loved checking out the new site for the A+R store, that ben designed… and totally loved the jewelry by malin nyman (reminiscent of childhood projects too). top two photos from ben, bottom three from A+R.


my blog is taking a long time to load on my browser. please let me know if it’s taking a long time for you too. thanks!


i was so excited that my trip to san francisco coincided with the ruth asawa exhibit at the de young museum. i’ve been interested in ruth’s work for a while, but it’s hard to find much about her on the internet. sadly, ruth’s work has not always been given the attention that i think it deserves. some art critics considered her technique a craft and not an art form, because of it’s similarity to knitting and crocheting. i found her retrospective to be so inspiring, not only her gorgeous sculptures, but her study of repeat patterns while she attended the black mountain college. all photos are from the scuptures of ruth asawa, contours in the air. more here.