i’m starting a list of art shows to see while in san francisco for the holidays:

printed matter at giant robot: a group show dedicated to prints, including woodcut, silk screen, lithography, relief, etching, and other techniques.

the ruth asawa retrospective at the de young (i’m also excited to see the quilts of gee’s bend exhibit again. i saw it a few years ago in new york, and it had a big impact on me).

alexander girard: vibrant modern, at the sf moma

reminder! two great holiday craft sales in nyc this weekend–

bust craftacular
the warsaw 261 driggs ave (williamsburg), 11 am – 9pm


holiday craft sale at divine studio
21 e.4th street, suite 605, 10am – 5pm
organized by wren handmade

i meant to post about this a few weeks weeks ago! cwc-i‘s new hanahou gallery, is debuting it’s first show: “hanahou presents – artistic gifts from gifted artists.” the show runs through december 28th, with original and limited art gifts ranging from paintings, to hand-made soap, to customized converse shoes. there are 38 participating artists, one of which is marcus oakley (a favorite illustrator of mine). shown above, from top down: marcus’s hand-made wooden case containing a CD of own music with the sunflower band, original “kuman gollo natural pillowcover” by akiyoshi chino, and mobile “deep sea dandy” by jessie hartland. if you can’t make it to the gallery, you can also shop online here.

a big thanks to natalie, for alerting me to the exciting news that my favorite textile design duo eley kishimoto has a fantastic new website. wow, this is a treasure trove of beautiful photos for any e.k. fan. like their site says– they are the “patron saints of print” (and my idols!).

i won’t be posting much this week, because i’m so busy… but thanks so much to freedom magazine in taiwan, for interviewing me for their november issue. i just received a copy in the mail, and it was really fun to see.

a question about pillows…
i would would love everyone’s input!

i’m trying to cut down on the cost of my pillows– both the selling price and my production costs. one thing i’ve considered doing is not having a removable insert. in theory, i really prefer a removable insert, but in actuality, i never remove them! my pillows don’t get very dirty– and sometimes i’ll wipe them with a damp cloth and that’s sufficient. i’ve only removed and washed a pillow cover a couple times over the years. i’m torn about this, because i’ve always wanted my products to be of the highest quality… but i also think pillows should be affordable, so that you can buy a lot of them and pile them all over your home. do you regularly remove your pillow inserts and wash the covers?

even though it’s one of my favorites, i don’t buy world of interiors every month because it’s a little expensive. usually i’ll flip through it on the newsstand and if i see a few things that really catch my eye, i’ll buy it (which happens more often than not!). my eyes lit up when i saw this fabric by a (new to me) textile company called mockett & moquette. i don’t love most of the prints on their website, but i think this one is really wonderful. i would love to see it upholstered on a couch or chair. it looks a little bit like a print i’m working on now, so that might be part of why i’m so drawn to it…