i bought a bunch of re-issued erhard cards from patch nyc a while ago, and i just used up the last one… so i looked them up online to see where i could get more. they’re printed by vigo. from their site:

“in 2002 vigo purchased the assets of imp press and the copyrights to textile designer walter erhard’s card lines. walter erhard produced this range of christmas cards under the name of ‘imp press’ from the late 1950’s through to the end of the 1960’s. he’s won many awards and is recognized in many contemporary design manuals. walter is considered to be one of the most progressive designers of the day.”

happy holidays everyone! i’m off to san francisco today!

i just received a really beautiful book called chairs: a history, by florence de dampierre. i saw it featured in various magazines– elle decor, house & garden, etc… and had been wanting to check it out. i have an odd mix of chairs myself– some from my grandmother, some bought at flea markets, and some found on the street. i recently pulled six of the cutest vintage school chairs from a dumpster outside the school across the street from us! and i love mixing the different styles together. so this book is right up my alley… here are a couple photos of my favorites from the book. and more here on flickr.

i picked up a postcard in my neighborhood for the mfa thesis exhibit of eliza stamps from pratt. her show is called holonomy and will be up from december 4th to the 8th. her work reminds me of the delicate style of a favorite artist of mine: lindsay adelman. i hope i have time next week to walk over and check it out.

pratt studios gallery
200 willoughby avenue
brooklyn, ny

i’ll be adding new designs and products to my shop in early january… but i’ll be testing them out this weekend at the holiday sale. one big change (and challenge!) from my previous fabric products, is that i’m now doing all of the textile printing myself. it’s been great… very frustrating at times, but feels like it’s well worth the effort. i’ve been wanting to get away from just designing on the computer, and do more of the production myself, so that has been exciting. …a few more on flickr.