thanks dear ada for the link to ace jet 170— a design blog that has some really wonderful photos of penguin poet books from the 50’s a 60’s. these books seriously make my heart flutter. i wish i could afford to start a collection. many of them were created by stephen russ, a textile designer i want to learn more about. this top one is my favorite…. ahhh, so incredibly inspiring.

lisa wong jackson, of good on paper, sent me this great photo of her living room and her cute dog pixel– and my pillow! it’s such a great photo. lisa is a fellow entrepreneur, whose work i really admire– & i like browsing her site, especially her list of links to things that influence her.

thanks kathleen, for introducing me to the work of ceramicist toshiko takaezu. toshiko was a guest teacher when kathleen did a summer art program at skidmore in ’97. toshiko was born in hawaii in 1922, and has been working in clay for over 50 years. i really love the acorn shape, which seems to be her signature. beautiful photos kathleen! (more on kathleen’s blog: cake & pie).

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i’ve been having a lot of problems uploading photos lately… i don’t know why, but it’s very frustrating!

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my friend allison gave me this great book on brazilian artist beatriz milhazes. beatriz “uses tropical fauna and flora, folk art, craft, jewellery, embroidery, lace, {and} carnival and colonial baroque as her major thematic sources”. here are some photos from the book, including one of beatriz’s studio.