i haven’t been able to post photos all day… ugh, so irritating!
it was an honor to be interviewed by grace earlier this week! and wonderful to be paired up with rena! thank you both….
oh! look at this photo! i love it.

i don’t follow much men’s fashion, but i browsed through the new spring 07 milan runway photos, and loved the pale zigzag tiles in the background of the missoni show, and all the mixing of patterns. i had to ignore the creepy models and over-the-top styling and outfits! so many great patterns though…

for the most part i only like cotton… cotton sheeting, canvas, denim, muslin… but i love silk chiffon. it seems to almost always compliment and add something more to a pattern. when i worked at angel textiles i liked seeing a pattern come in printed on 8 or so different fabrics. the same pattern looked so different on the various textures. silk chiffon and canvas were always my favorite. this photo is from british elle— top by nicola finetti.

a note to those who bought a fabric poster– to flatten out the curl of the poster from shipping, you can iron it on medium heat on the paper side (or back side if you’ve peeled off the paper). no steam. it should easily flatten out!