yesterday i was looking through raul’s photoblog mexican pictures, and i was captivated by these photos from his motorcycle trip through vietnam. i just love the layers and layers of patterns- and despite the creepiness of these tents being set up for ho chi minh’s birthday, i would love to have a birthday tent this colorful and celebratory.

also in raul’s photoblog are gorgeous pictures of tibet. i commented on how tibet seems to have it’s own incredible color palette, and raul wrote back: “i’ve found most countries, especially developing countries have a particular palette. in rural tibet most of the clothes are still made with natural dyes which give lots of magentay reds, orangy reds and golds. the land is very green and the sky is almost impossibly bright saturating everything like crazy”.

thanks karin, for the link to textile designer jenny bergman. i’ve always loved single color prints, and i really like the way she mixes them with text. ohhh, and i’m very inspired to do some berry dyeing…

it’s funny that i would discover brooklyn based artist eddie martinez by reading the scandinazian magazine plaza. i love the mixing patterns and colors he uses. (thanks carolyn!)

this might make me sound a little strange… but the other day i sat and watched a snail in my back yard for about 15 minutes. it was so beautiful & graceful… & mesmerizing. like this snail plate by hella jongerius.