i was browsing in some of the stores on atlantic ave. on wednesday. i loved the store darr (photos on the website make it look a lot more cluttered than it is)- it had a really beautiful mix of items: furniture, books, strange taxidermy, all really well placed and sophisticated (very unlike my decorating style). i also went into butter, which has a nice selection of jewelry and little marni purses with bakelite clasps that i l-o-v-e-d… but they were so snooty to me. terrible!

i found this picture of me while sorting through my grandmother’s apartment. i like my outfit… and i remember those handmade dolls so well. i wanted barbies and cabbage patch dolls… but got these instead. of course, now i understand why my mom didn’t like store-bought plastic toys. i’ve realized recently how much these things in my childhood surroundings (books, toys, my bed sheets!) have stuck with me.

for alli, who asked about this plate-
i found it! on the back it says:

taylor ironstone
taylor smith & taylor
brown eyed susan

light fixture etching by rachel salomon
i took an etching class at the san francisco art institute, during a high school summer program. it was a little tedious and frustrating for me, but i still loved it. and i’d love to try it again.