i’m still not sure how i went from being a total anti-bride (wanting to get married at city hall) to having a big weekend event– worthy of martha stewart weddings magazine… but i have to admit it was a blast! (after realizing that for my own wedding i could do it totally my way & not feel obligated to do the conventional things i wasn’t comfortable with). the magazine is so inspirational for stationery, crafts, tabletop design, flowers– beyond wedding planning. our wedding is in the spring issue that’s out now (and for the next few months).

illustrations by marcus oakley. i first saw his work in a show at zakka, and i’ve loved it ever since. i check out the cwc-i website now and then, to see new work by marcus, and some of the other designers.

san francisco illustration #1

from: around the city (a macmillan educational book)