this morning i was flipping through a book i bought last year called Innovation in Pattern and Print at The Fabric Workshop. i went to Philadelphia to check out the workshop/museum (dedicated to textile printing! i was so excited) but it was a big disappointment. mostly empty and deserted… it was very bizarre. it seemed like they were under construction or partially closed down– i couldn’t figure it out. but there was a small shop and i bought the book and this postcard, i had forgotten about the postcard until I just found it tucked inside the book. the artist is Laura Owens and the piece is hand embroidered and silkscreen printed on silk.

this is such a sweet book– one of my favorites as a kid, and still is. i’ve been re-collecting my childhood books since my mom sold the lot at a garage sale!
~click to enlarge the bottom photo~

yesterday afternoon at the moma… some favorites:

mesmerizing painting by Dana Schutz (there’s a nice story on her in the February Vogue)

from the “compulsive drawing” exhibit

african textiles