i collaborated on a project recently that was such a treat, a pleasure to do… i created a textile pattern for more & co‘s next curated pop-up: wild, natural, free. the fabric was printed in san francisco, and i happened to be there when the sample print was ready so i could to approve it (and snap some photos). the pop-up theme is inspired by the dreamy summer season in maine, and maria gave me imagery she liked to steer me in the direction she envisioned. i love working this way, and we sent ideas back and forth before i started making a pattern inspired by wildflowers and open air. the print has a very large repeat and a lot of empty space–– so each smock top is slightly different, depending on where the pattern falls. the fabric has been made into tops, totes, and zipper pouches. i’m headed to portland, ME tonight for the opening tomorrow evening. the goods will be available online soon– monday, i think!

top photo by more & co





i couldn’t be more enthusiastic about my friend shabd simon-alexander‘s recently published book– TIE DYE: DYE IT WEAR IT, SHARE IT. shabd and i talked a lot about the book making process as she was working on this book (and i was working on mine). it’s a process that is tedious and labor-intensive– and eventually satisfying and rewarding. shabd is a great friend of mine, but even if i didn’t know her personally i would still sing praises for this book. it’s so beautiful –really stunning– and extremely thorough in explaining every aspect of tie dyeing. often with craft books i see a handful of projects that appeal to me, but with this book i really want to do every single project. shabd taught classes in my studio when i was holding them, and currently teaches at the TAC in nyc– but now her skills and superb teaching ability can reach a worldwide audience, and i think that’s fantastic.