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cal patch’s new book on patternmaking just came out!

i first met cal about 10 years ago when i took a crochet class in her shop on the lower east side. she is such a good teacher, and i’m lucky that she’s recently been teaching sewing classes in my studio. she has a very gentle, calm way of explaining things, that i’m sure translates into written form. the book shows you how to design your own clothes, whether you’re an aspiring clothing designer or you want to make clothes that fit your body perfectly.

in our most recent sewing class, cal helped me make some changes to the built by wendy pattern we were using, since i had already done it twice. i wanted to try a gathered sleeve and bias binding. it was so fun to make something just how i wanted it (last photo above).

congrats cal! click here to buy her book.

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  1. Lena,
    This is exactly what I need!!
    So far I've just been winging it with making up patterns, but I know I have a lot of useful, helpful things to learn.

    I love the dress you made…and the Mociun leggings!!!

    As soon as I get closer to finishing things for my store, I want to try that BBW pattern.

    Any helpful hints?

    Just got 3191 Evenings in the mail today and it's gorgeous.

    Plus, I'm super excited about your MAPS book!


  2. Looks like some inspiring patterns are in there… reminds me of your printing book a bit. I'll be sure to add this book to my amazon wish list!

  3. I love your new tunic dress – fabulous fit! I am always inspired by your blog and hope to take a class one of these days….

  4. oh! i just bought this! it's so fun. i've been faking it pattern making wise, but this was really helpful.

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