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  1. Wow, I really love those shoes. I'm not huge into patterned shoes but for some reason I just adore these!

  2. i agree about the models. i wish there were limitations to how skinny they can be. This breaks my heart.

    the patterns are incredible though.

  3. sweet shorts. i was just looking forward to fall, and now i want to wear shorts? so is the nature of fashion!

  4. Umm….could barely focus on the clothes because the models legs scared me. The prints are lovely.

  5. It's incredibly irresponsible to use models who look this ill. It's also a shame to point to these photos for inspiration-even if you are mentioning the clothing. They look horrible in the clothes. Stop perpetuating the idea that you need to look like you have an eating disorder to be fashionable. This is sick and it needs to stop.

  6. hi anonymous,
    i agree with you for the most part. the fashion/modeling industry is definitely irresponsible. but i also cringe a bit at your comments because i was naturally this thin myself in high school, and it's hurtful to be called scary skinny…