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  1. Lena,
    it looks like it was a fun outing…such creative company!
    I remember you mentioning Erie Basin before, but I'd not heard of Saipua. Now I'm tempted to try their soaps. I perused Sarah's blog…her arrangements are phenomenal, and she is so funny!
    If I get to come out to NYC this fall, I'll have to try to stop by both stores…It's so hard, NYC- always so much to do & so little time.

  2. i love the knocked over water bowl in the shot with the dogs. that is something pee wee does and then lays in the dirty water.

  3. this looks like a great saturday in red hook. i'm hoping to stop by saipua soon to check out the new space.

  4. those old cedar(?)plank walls with cubbies are wonderful! gotta add this idea to my future dream home pile! xo

  5. Lena,

    I love the jewelry you and your friend are wearing? Where are the necklaces from? Erie Basin?

  6. i feel i have to ask, too- i am loving that sweater (the white/cream elbow length one). where did (insert whoever is wearing it) get it?

  7. Lena,

    I realized that the half moon necklace is mociun, or at least I think so. However, I'm interested in the other two necklaces: the one with the double rings and the chain matched with it. Also, that tribal-esque rope necklace in the cafe photo? They're all so amazing. Especially the pairing.


  8. yup, the half moon is mociun, and so is the brightly colored rope necklace. the chain with the small dog heads on either side (you can't really tell in the photo that they're dog heads) was from erie basin, and the other is alyson's chain with 2 rings.

    they're all lovely, aren't they!?

  9. What a perfect day–I love these photos!
    When I got to the ones of the jewelry display, I thought "OH! that must be Erie Basin!"….even though I've never been there. Clearly, they've got a well-branded thing going on there. 🙂 And the new Saipua looks fab!