have you seen maria’s 3191 post from friday?

she wrote about my recent trip to portland to work on our various projects. i love staying with maria in maine… it’s true what she says about our “business” trips being equally about food as they are about work. i get to be immersed in her world, where every small thing is beautiful (not in a forced way but naturally and understated). here are some snapshots from the farmer’s market, tea shop, and eating at home. i always dread flying, but the trip back to new york is so quick, i don’t even mind it.

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  1. Lena, these are so gorgeous. I envy your trip! (However, I'm with you on the flying…I'm extremely phobic,and have a hard time with any length of flight).

  2. such a pretty salad!

    i hate flying, too, but when it comes to these long (by car, train) trips, it can be so satisfying to take the plane.

  3. you can always stop over in northampton if you want to make it a road trip next time! i love the books you two make together.

  4. I love, love all the images on your site. every one is so beautiful they seem surreal!

  5. Beautiful photos! Was that yogurt with the raspberries? It looked thicker than yogurt…I wish I had a friend I could go hang out with who appreciates the small things in life! 🙂

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