oddly enough, marshall’s in the atlantic center sells some polish pottery that i’ve had my eye on for a while. it’s hand painted and hand stamped, and has lots of irregularities, which i always like. i was tempted to buy more pieces, but decided on these two dishes. i found some more info here.

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  1. Beautiful pieces, Lena.
    When I was in East Germany I bought a mustard pot in this pattern. It's so lovely. I've also seen it at TJ Maxx in San Francisco. It's kind of odd where that pattern turns up!

  2. Lena,

    I have your book and am reading your blog every now and then. I am from Poland and I know this type of pottery. It is orginally manufactured in the region of BOLESLAWIEC (South-West of Poland) and here is a link to their online shop(http://www.ceramicboleslawiec.com.pl/index.php?modul=10). You may probably find some other shops/locations where they sell this type of pottery (just google BOLESLAWIEC + CERAMIKA). And thanks for all the inspiration that you have been giving us/me.