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  1. oh wow, that's so beautiful! i am loving those close up views of the pattern.

  2. Umm… I want that. It's such a nice pale color with a subtle pattern.
    Looks great with the yellow!

  3. yes, the close ups are very nice, I like that it almost seems like a different pattern at a distance…love the color!

  4. lena, it's beautiful! and i have that mug in the same color, you're in good company.

  5. wow! your wallpaper is amazing. so beautiful and detailed. really nice work.

  6. that's really beautiful! would look nice in my kitchen. too bad i just painted the walls…sigh…

  7. gorgeous! congrats. i have that exact mug, it's making me think i need to order this wallpaper now……….

  8. I really do love this wallpaper, the picture is so nice too. I really want to get the book!