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  1. oh to have been in brooklyn! these photos were such a tease.

    can you tell me who the ceramics are by and the print in the 9th frame down?

  2. This sale really made my day. I bought a mociun bathing suit (among other goodies) and promptly went to the beach just so that I could wear it.

  3. we had so much fun at the sale! it was great seeing you and talking with caitlin for a bit. we're so happy with our new mociun goodies!

  4. I wish I could have come…especially just to meet you, Jenny, and Erica in person.
    I probably would have embarrassed myself drooling over Caitlin Mociun's work…and telling her what I genius I think she is!

    Looks like it was super fun!

  5. Oh my. I'd die for one of those bunnies! I wish I wasn't in Toronto! Ugh! So cute!!!

  6. My goodness, everything looks so lovely.
    One day – I will make it to one of these sales!

  7. Beautiful cushions and paper goods, I love your work and blog.