rooftop gardens

looking down at the seine

ducking into a beautiful old church

jardin du luxembourg

resting in the heat

neighbor cat

evening light… around 10pm

days one and two in paris were hot, hot, hot… and i had to wear the lightest summer dresses that i packed. the first thing i noticed was the flowers, especially roses, in bloom everywhere. it’s probably because i’m so interested in gardening right now… i especially loved the rooftop and balcony gardens. we spent our whole time in paris walking and wandering. we pretty much avoided the tourist sights and decided to not even go to a single museum (which josh’s brother said was “shocking!”)– but we had both been to paris as teenagers and went to all the museums and sights, so this time we wanted to see the rest of the city. my photos are kind of a strange mix of snapshots this time…. i didn’t document everything as well as our scandinavia trip. but sometimes it’s nice to put away the camera. the sweet cat lived in the apartment next to our hotel room and ran over to say hi every time he saw me. we named him antoine after a french cat who lived below us in the west village.

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  1. good to see andhear you had a great time, you have captured Paris as I love it, the flowers are amazing evenin the hot summer they look absolutly perfect!!!

  2. i know what you mean about getting a feel for city without doing the touristy stuff . . .i love that. beautiful photographs xxx

  3. it looks like a lovely trip. I totally understand that you want to stay away from tourists and just wander in the streets. That’s how i like to travel. Drink a cafe au lait for me!

  4. these photos are lovely! we didn’t go to any museums during our trip either — we had both been to them in the past and just wanted to live like the parisians do (or at least try!) your trip looked beautiful. xo

  5. I love this group of photos, Lena.
    Tomory and I had never been before, so we did both touristy and non touristy things- we went to several museums.
    Having an evening picnic under the Eiffel Tower is pretty enchanting (in in the drizzle, even though it’s touristy) but I do think my favorite part of being in Paris was just walking around the city.

  6. it looks like that at 10 p.m.? wow! my first time will be next month, and i am beyond jazzed. …and even more so now.

  7. Eden Rose/Pierre de Ronsard! I saw this rose growing near rue Moufftard in Paris and was inspired to get a plant of my own when I got home. How fun that you noticed them too 🙂

  8. your photos are so lovely, lena! i miss paris. we went a couple years ago for a trip in the winter. your shot of the candlelight reminds me of this restaurant in le marais district where the menus were in vintage red hardcover books. paris is the best.

  9. that photo of the rooftops with a faint glow behind them is striking. welcome back – i’m enjoying your photos.

  10. seeing your beautiful rose photos really, really makes me wish we had stopped by jardin du luxembourg. sigh.