karin gave me this beautiful candle holder a few months ago, and i’ve been meaning to take a photo. it’s made from a small slab of unglazed black clay, and i love it. also, josh fixed a floor board yesterday and found this old spoon. our house is about 150 years old… i wonder what year this spoon was lost?

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  1. The spoon looks almost wooden … wouldn’t it be neat to have a wooden one with that level of detail on the handle? Too cool.

  2. if meat and milk mix accidentally, a kosher household would bury the silverware…maybe the spoon?

  3. Neat…the minimal candle holder and the spoon.
    I just noticed, we have the same rug!

  4. Oooh how neat the old spoon is, what a random lovely find under your floor boards

  5. ohhh, how cool! I LOVE little discoveries like that, so far I haven’t found anything of not at our house, bummer.

  6. hi everyone!
    i’m tempted to pull up more floor boards now to see what else is down there… i’m sure there are some treasures.

  7. The candle holder is so cute and that spoon is such a find! It must have seen some interesting times… as well as some dark days under the floor!