yesterday afternoon at the moma… some favorites:

mesmerizing painting by Dana Schutz (there’s a nice story on her in the February Vogue)

from the “compulsive drawing” exhibit

african textiles

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  1. ohh definitely have to go check out the compulsive drawing exhibit!! Wow – I just looked at the Cole and Sons website and their colors and papers are soo beautiful!!! Bummer it doesn’t give the prices but I can only imagine how much they are :/….. What do you do for a living that you get to go to d&d then? Or do you always go with your bro – in law? 😉

  2. Textile designer & illustrator!!! That is fantastic! I would love to do that someday :))) Have you been able to sell any of your designs anywhere? Where did you go to school bytheway?
    I will be majoring next year in fashion design – just in foundation right now, it has its good and bad sides……. :^)