another preview of volume seven…

maria and i get together every couple of months, either in portland or brooklyn, to work on the next lines & shapes book. but we also have to send things back and forth through the mail. when maria overnighted me the 2nd proof for our latest book, she included a huge slice (one quarter actually) of her freshly baked yellow cake. if you follow 3191, you know that maria does a lot of baking without refined sugar. this cake was so perfectly sweet, a natural, more subtle sweet… it was amazing. and getting a huge piece of cake in the mail is one of the best things ever!

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  1. the last time anyone sent me baked goods in the mail was in college!

    i am very intrigued by maria’s ‘just sweet enough’ experiments, since i feel like i’ve been baking way too many sweets lately…

  2. hi liz,
    thanks for asking- i’ve just posted again about how you can get the recipe!