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  1. Me too 🙂

    I’m still looking for a perfectly-sized/worn one to go in my upstairs bathroom.

  2. did you see the documentary weaving worlds, recently shown on pbs (back in the fall, i believe)? it was fascinating.


    p.s. i just got my hands on your book, it’s beautiful. i love that you included the information that you did (on inks, surfaces, etc.)…no other book compares. it is so thourough. reading it makes me want to delve in to printmaking again, stat. (i did a lot of printmaking in college, and loved it.) bravo.

  3. have you ever read Alias Grace by margaret atwood? it all revolves around old time blanket designs. amazing book.

    really love your blog.

  4. this is really cute. i’ve been considering getting something like this, actually.

  5. Ohhh! I just love these — I just bought a jacket from Pendelton with a similar pattern. You just can’t go wrong.

  6. i’m going to borrow this saved search — these are gorgeous.

    PS guess what i found under a stack of papers on my desk today? the torn out back page of domino with your “10 things that make me happy.” i want the shaker bench. 🙂

  7. The last one looks just like one I have in storage… ( I have a small collection.) They are so soulful and lovely.