our apartment was used for a photo shoot last week, and the stylist brought lots of fresh flowers. it feels extravagant to have vases full of flowers this time of year… and passing them in the house makes me think of spring and summer. the poppies are dying, but they’re still so pretty.

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  1. Hi Lena
    Lovely blog! How great to have your house used for a photo shoot, wow! I think those poppies might be anenomes though! Have a great weekend, love Sal x

  2. lovely flowers! jan. and feb. are hard months for me without cut flowers in the house. yours are such a beautiful color.

    i love anemones, one of my favorites but not so easy to find around here.

  3. some people don’t understand why people buy flowers, but this is exactly why having flowers or plants around is so essential. it makes us happy in the purest sense. it reminds us of where we came from – nature. beautiful blog!

  4. Even in these penny-pinching times there’s nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up your day and remind you what life’s about. Thanks for your post – it reminds me to go and smell my flowers!

  5. beautiful flowers… its great to have flowers in winter is like having spring at home!!

  6. wow. thats so cool. your own little apartment is a photoshoot? the flowers are so pretty!

  7. need to get more green.. and weekly flower may be nice way to lift up the mood around here.

    those poppies are beautiful.

  8. since my sister and i started working together (she does floral art) i have cut flowers around all the time and i looove it. extravagent in a wonderful and simple way… yours are gorgeous!

  9. Those poppies are defintely ANEMONES – one of my favourite flowers.
    I love cut flowers but can never bring myself to buy them for ME. I fantasise that one day my husband of 27 years will suddenly get it into his head to buy me a bunch of daffs or tulips.