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  1. Yes, I’m feeling the loss, too. I hope you have some of your back issues to remember it by …

    I commiserate :/

  2. …sad indeed.
    it was 1 of my favorites!

    and i’ve seen SO many blog posts expressing this.

  3. Oh me too! I love the Ruffalo home and how cute is the name Bella Noche??
    Domino will be missed. I confess I drank a glass of wine at noon when I heard the news. SO SAD.

  4. What really catches my attention are the confetti. They are colorful, makes the wedding more exciting and playful.

  5. It’s a tremendous bummer. I love that magazine. I’m thankful I have saved every issue…. sigh. I may not have always ‘loved’ a design, but I was always inspired. I know so many people that love that magazine, I don’t understand how it could fail. 🙁

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