i designed a travel journal for galison, in the style of my travel plates (which are no longer for sale) and my travel illustrations for elle decor magazine. the journal has space to plan out an itinerary, packing list, etc.– and has adventurous information writen by julia hecomovitch. i enjoyed doing this, and would love to do a larger series of travel themed paper goods. so if you have a cute shop and would like to buy the journals for it, please do! or if you’d like to buy just one that’s great too…

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  1. lena, this is really wonderful! i wish i were better about writing down my travel impressions, but usually it ends up being a list of expenses and train schedules.

  2. so cute! i’ve never heard of galison — they’ve got some great stuff.
    love your illustrations. 🙂

  3. Amazing! your work looks fantastic in travel version….

    I think i am going to post about on the Truant Blog!