~ ~ ~ come stop by our sale next sunday, 12/7!

caitlin mociun, sian keegan, and i will be there selling our own goods– plus artwork by alyson fox, prints and printed goods by christopher david ryan, letterpressed beauties by port2port press (including the calendar!), and small sculptures by karen gelardi. many items are limited in quantity or one of a kind, and will be discounted in price. fall 08 mens and womens mociun will be 50% off! i’ll have to try very, very hard not to buy eveything myself.

my studio is a couple blocks away from gifted, the indoor holiday market put on by the brooklyn flea and time out new york. some of my favorite designers are selling there– check out the vendor list here.

so, come spend an afternoon in fort greene!

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  1. Ahhh lovely Brooklyn (sigh!). If I could jump across the ocean I would be there in a heart beat. Looks like a great market. And your work is just lovely.

  2. What a fantastic show!

    I found your blog randomly and I’m so happy because it is great!
    Have a nice time