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  1. oh beautiful. Love her work. Glad you two are collaborating.

    btw, love your book. Gonna try the dresser stencil when I have time.

  2. Her work is really really beautiful. But I am confused by this project. It seems strange that the entire book is full of only one drawing. Do you know why she chose to do it that way? It seems to me if she is going to pile the books to make an installation she would want the sides to make some sort of interesting design from bleeding to the edge of the paper or there would be some sort of connection between the design of the different books when piled. Am I missing something? The concept of having people be a part of it is so unique but the book itself as an object seems less interesting.

  3. hi julia,
    i don’t know what karen’s thoughts are behind creating books with a single image repeated. i would be interested to hear her thoughts too. i find it compelling (and really beautiful) to see a single drawing in 3D, to see depth added to something flat. but not everyone is going to have the same reaction, and that is always true of art!

  4. Hello,

    I am so glad I ended up here!
    I love your fantastic designs.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. Hi there,
    Addressing Julia’s questions about the Assembly book project (thanks for the feedback!)…. i am interested in using on-demand printing as a means to convert the drawing into a sculptural object By repeating the drawing throughout the entire book, the edges do become interesting drawings themselves and when combined with the other books in the stack, the edges collage with each other into something that reads both like a sculpture and also like a painting. By having the contents of the book be single drawing, the book reads as a sculptural object and not a traditional book. Another aspect of this that interests me is the relationship to 3D printing (or stereolithography) where 3D computer drawings are printed out layer by layer to create a 3D object. Of course with these books, the layers build to create a simple extrusion. Soon I will have photos posted on the site of the installation that opens next week!

  6. Thanks Karen! I’m really glad that you responded and it’s really interesting to hear your ideas. Good luck with the show! Julia