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  1. oh i am excited for you. and i am sure they are good investments that you will wear and wear and wear. love vena cava….

  2. waw, you’re so lucky to have an APC surplus shop near you, it mut be heaven there…
    (and yes, ella jenkins i great, pity we didn’t know it when we were kids!)

  3. tell me about it! i really need to put an end to my little summer shopping spree.

    the vena cava print is gorgeous, and good for you for finding something nice at the warehouse sale. i always seem to arrive too late.

  4. Gorgeous purchaces…Vena Cava is amazing!
    Don’t feel guilty, these are items you will wear a lot! 😉


  5. i think there should be no remorse when the items in those pics are absolutly drool worthy;) enjoy them- lucky you!

  6. hooray for end of summer sales! i need to make it over to the apc surplus store myself – though now that fall is quickly approaching, i’m tempted by sweaters…and jackets…and boots – oh my!

  7. I tried to brave this sale once, but was ultimately defeated because there was just sooo many lines!! Looks like you had a better time then me.

  8. I had a great time at the BNY warehouse sale this year, too! Don’t feel guilty ‘coz you will be wearing them a lot and it’s Vena Cava after all : ) I Just got your book and I enjoy it soooooo much : ) Thanks for sharing!

  9. They look well worth it! And even if it’s still not the ideal price, it is still quite a bit less than some other people paid!

  10. im trying to stay far from the Barney’s warehouse sale… it is too tempting! love vena cava!

  11. Oh my goodness, I tried on that exact Vena Cava dress and Rodnik top at the LA warehouse sale. I caved on some Lanvins instead. And I love APC. I want to go to NYC just so I can hit up the surplus store. Don’t feel guilty, you’ll wear them many times and then technically you’ll have only spent dollars per wear on the items! (That’s me trying to not feel guilty about my purchases.)