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  1. hi! i love this book, how can i buy it? Do you send it to Spain?? thanks…

  2. i’m really looking forward to getting this book. i know it will be a book that i’ll actually use and not just look at. i’ve always wanted to try printing fabric. : )

  3. i just ordered a copy – i’m so excited to get your lovely book and lines & shapes #3 in the same week!

  4. I got a shipping notification from Amazon today!
    I can’t wait to read your book. 😀

  5. Oh! Can’t wait to get a copy of your book Lena, it went straight on to my wish-list….have to wait til Sept before it’s out here though!
    Photos look great!
    D x

  6. I just received my copy in the mail. It’s like the best present I’ve gotten all year. Love it, love it, love it.

    Thanks for making such a beautiful book, Lena.

  7. thanks for such wonderful comments, everyone!! i can’t tell you how nice they are to hear…

    la casita de wendy–
    can you order from US amazon in spain?

    there are carved block projects similar to lino in the book. i like to use the soft “artist blocks” instead of linoleum because they’re easier to carve and print with.

  8. I just received your book. It’s stunning. Congratulation! I will mention it on my blog soon.

  9. Lena, I just bought my very own copy of Printing By Hand, and I am completely and utterly in love with it! The format, the layout, the photos, the projects, the clear instructions, I could go on (but I won’t subject you to my raving)! My mind is swimming with ideas and I can’t wait to get started with my first project.

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful book, and congratulations. I wish you massive book sales 🙂