it was so hot and humid in new hampshire! there was no air conditioner, but it felt so good to be sweaty and sticky, and then jump in a lake (we can’t do that in the city). my favorite thing about new hampshire in the summer is the wild flowers. but they’re hard to photograph. the heat finally broke after several big storms blew through…

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  1. Looks very pretty in New Hampshire. Jumping into lakes sounds like a lot of fun too. I’ve never done it.

  2. hi lena.

    sounds much like our new home in vermont. 🙂 i love your sun hat. would you mind sharing where you found it?

  3. so true, the heat and humidity are so much better when there’s a nice cool lake nearby! looks like you had a lovely, quiet time.

    and the hat is really nice. i’ve been looking for a big floppy straw hat…

  4. hi lena,
    long-time lurker in your blog. i just love your pictures! your self-portrait is beautiful. and i really like your top, it looks very comfy and summery. 🙂

  5. wow. look amazing. we were just up in beacon in upstate for a day. so nice to get away from the city..
    were you staying in a cottage or something?
    no ac, sweaty, jumping into a lake sound so wonderful..

    i’m dreaming of a weekend cottage in forest…

  6. hey unha
    we go up to where josh’s parents live in northern new hampshire. i dream about having a cabin upstate too…