i still haven’t had a chance to see the new book brooklyn modern in person yet, but maria send me some photos of the section on my home. i’ve heard that the whole book is fantastic, so i need to run out and get my own copy very soon (i tried at barnes & noble but the shipment hadn’t arrived yet).

when i see these photos, i can’t help but think about everything i wish i could change/renovate/redecorate/etc… but i also love that some of the homes featured are imperfect. sometimes i get tired of seeing flawless interiors in books and magazines. it was a pleasure to meet the author diana lind and the photographer yoko inoue last summer when these photos were taken.

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  1. congrats, lena! your home looks wonderful. i can’t wait to buy the book!

  2. oh, that looks like a wonderful book. how lovely to have your home featured – congratulations.

  3. Congratulations on the book! It looks great. I just ordered my copy from Amazon.com 🙂

  4. I agree with you about the flawless interiors, and must add that pics of the smug inhabitants make me feel a bit uncomfortable too. It’s always great to see a bit of water-damaged wood, wonky tiles and make-do bits in a home. Congrats on being featured – it looks lovely (and you don’t look at all smug!)

  5. Very beautiful home! I wonder if i can find the book here in Singapore.

  6. I agree on the flawless interiors. I’d like to see more real houses, with their books unarranged, TVset, their messy bits and rooms more lived.
    However from those pics yours looks real and nice. Congratulations!

  7. i agree with the flawless interiors comment…i like to see spaces that look like you can live in them or better yet…that people do live in them!

  8. I agree on the perfect interiors. My husband always say we like ‘modern, not museum’. I gave up on Dwell 2 years ago because, really, who lives like that?

  9. hey! your home looks fab. can i ask a quick technical question? how do you get your plates to hang on the wall? it doesn’t look like there are weird plate hangers showing… which is, obviously, ideal…

  10. hi ms. spinach–
    i actually do use those metal plate holders that you can get at any hardware store. i really don’t mind the look of them, but i know some people do! i’ve never heard of a good alternative though…

  11. oh, congratulations on that! i can’t wait to get that book, it looks fabulous. i remember seeing photos of your home in a glamour mag that i was reading at the gym a few years ago. i stole the magazine (and left another in its place) and tore the pages out for my inspiration box. only later through your blog did i realize it was you!